Pace University New York City students Mary Lynn Hearn ’19, Elizaveta “Lisa” Smirnova ’18, Karina Muslimova ’19, Jessica Halee ’19, Gia Tango ’17 and Camille Vitale ’20 sight-seeing during the 2016 National Model UN conference in Washington DC.

Participating in Model UN in Fall 2016 was one of the best parts of my college experience thus far. In the class, I gained a new kind of outlook on the world, an outlook that no other class could provide. It gave me hands on experiences that I will be forever grateful for. The very first experience that we had was a visit to the UN to listen to the General Assembly discuss policies on disarmament. However, my favorite experience was attending the 2016 National Model UN conference in Washington DC.

The conference was an eye-opening experience for me. I was able to learn about countries and their policies on global issues, how to delegate my ideas to a committee, and the chance to create multiple resolutions. It was amazing to be in a room all weekend with 100 other delegates that have the same amount of passion, if not more, than I have for global policy. It was truly inspiring. Everyone had so much knowledge about their country’s policy. Not only was I able to gain insight about what these other delegates had prepared for, but delegates from other nations as well.

Model UN has given me understanding I know I would not be able to get anywhere else. I would not have been able to get as far as I have this semester without the help from faculty adviser Dr. Bolton, the Head Delegates, and my classmates. The class has not only helped me learn about the international community, but has helped me acquire skills that I know will be helpful in other areas of my life. I am extremely grateful for what this class has been able to give me this semester, and I look forward to next semester’s class.

— Mary Lynn Hearn ’19