As a first semester Pace University Model United Nations student, attending the 2019 National Model UN conference in New York City (NMUN NY) and representing Nigeria was definitely a learning experience.

In the class at the beginning of the semester I wasn’t exactly sure what I had gotten myself into. But after attending the conference, I have a much better understanding of the UN. When thinking about international issues, it’s very easy to think “Why doesn’t the UN just …” But after going to the conference and trying to work with numerous different countries, all with different needs and demands, I understand why the UN “doesn’t just…” Resolving global problems requires diplomacy, compromise, and almost most importantly, a group effort from all the nations involved.

I also had an amazing experience at NMUN NY getting to meet other people from all around the world. Encountering individuals from different places, cultures, religions and ways of life makes talking about international issues much richer. It gives you a broader way of looking at society around the world.

Lastly, during Model UN I learned much about myself. Though everyone told me how “New York” I am, I learned how to properly comport myself as a diplomat, how to speak respectfully of the country I was representing and advocate for solutions that would work on international level. Model UN was an amazing learning experience and being able to advocate for Nigeria was an honor.

 – Abigail Warshaw