I was not sure what to expect from the 2019 National Model United Nations conference in New York City (NMUN NY). We had been well prepared for the rules of procedure, thanks to Dr. Bolton and the head delegates. But what was new to me was how we would be collaborating with people we had never met, over just a few days, to create a resolution. I had done quick problem solving before, having participated in Mock Trial, but, in those scenarios if I was working with a group, it was two people I’d spent all semester working with.

My partner and I represented Nigeria in a simulation of decisionmaking in UN Women. To cover more ground, we split up to work on different issues. After a long day of working with about six other delegations to create a thoughtful and comprehensive working paper, we opted to combine our paper with another. Working with an even larger group of people was quite scary to me. Yet, to my surprise, our draft resolution was even better than the previous drafts, incorporating all of our ideas into something truly great.

It was remarkable to see so many strong, educated people from around the world work together to share their ideas and come to a consensus. Though the long hours drained me for about a week, I came home feeling so proud of what I had accomplished with my delegation, my bloc, and as a committee.

It was empowering to see a roomful of hardworking women (and a few men) come to make such meaningful resolutions. I felt proud of myself when my draft resolution passed. I am thankful for the experience that truly left me wanting more. My week at Model UN is certainly one I will not forget.

– Paulina Levner ‘19