4.3 Reflection and Review after a Model United Nations Conference

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It is always important to reflect upon what you have just learned and experienced, Model UN is no different. Therefore, we take reflection and review of conferences very seriously.

We first began reflecting during conference. We do so by having team meetings at the end every day, during the conference to reflect upon what happened. We mention what went well, what did not go well, and any other comments on concerns from the day. The Head Delegates and Professor take this very seriously and then report it to the conference.

After the conference is over, we dedicate an entire class to reflect on the conference and semester. During this reflection class we discuss what students learned about the Self (what did you learn about who you are, your identity, your strengths and weaknesses?), Others (working in a team, your assigned country, students from other universities and countries) and Institutions (such as states, international relations, the UN or Model UN

We also discuss the Model UN class itself and take recommendations for the class to help better the class for future classes. Finally, we reflect on the entire process from the first day you signed up from the class until after the conference.

The final step of the reflection process is the Reflection paper. The Reflection paper is worth a percentage of your grade and is generally between 1,000-2,000 words. In past semesters the professor has wanted students to reflect on what you learned in this class. Try to use this paper as an opportunity to reflect more deeply on a personal level on how you have changed and grown throughout the semester.

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