4.1 Preparing for a Model United Nations Conference

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A Model UN Conference can be a stressful experience for students who have not done something like it before. Luckily, at Pace we spend more time on preparation than many other schools, which do not offer it as a class. Therefore, you are likely to find that you are well prepared for the challenge. To help you with specific preparations in the run-up to conference, we have developed this brief information sheet, including some important tips and reminders of things to bring with you. Please pack what you need to ensure that you are comfortable.

1. Clothing: Most Model UN Conferences require you to wear formal business attire for each of the committee sessions. Please pack professional clothing that you feel most comfortable wearing, or what you would wear to an interview. In practice, this generally means:

  • A business suit with jacket, slacks and pressed blouse or full sleeve shirt with a tie; or a business-appropriate dress or skirt. Sober colors such as navy, black, grey and brown are best for suits, dresses and skirts.
  • Dress shoes. No open-toed shoes, Converse or sneakers. Business-appropriate heels are fine, but also bring flats to use if your feet begin to hurt.
  • Consider having clothes dry-cleaned and/or pressed in advance.
  • Socks should match trousers and shoes, avoid white socks
  • If you are wearing a suit, you are not permitted to remove your jacket in formal committee session unless the dias staff allows it.

Some additional clothing tips:

  • Bring enough clothing for each day of the conference and travel
  • Bring comfortable clothing for after the committee session and for the bus, train or plane ride home
  • Bring a coat, sweater and make sure to have a jacket because it could get cold in committee
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be in them all day
  • Bring an iron if you think you may need it, don’t rely on the hotel to have one.
  • Bring a watch for committee so you are not checking your phone

2. Health: It is important to keep your health on track while at conference. Here are some tips for things to bring to conference to help you do well.

  • Take vitamins, supplements and any other medications that you normally take
  • Bring water bottles to refill during committee
  • Pack snacks such as granola bars, nuts or fruit. Pack food that can easily be placed in your bag and won’t go bad
  • Bring breath mints to freshen up
  • Bring along books, magazines or an iPod to help you relax after committee session and also to pass the time on the bus.

3. Give Travel Information to Your Emergency Contact: Please make sure to forward the e-mail with our hotel reservations to a roommate, friend or parent. This way in case someone needs to reach you, or if there is an emergency, someone from home has your information. Make sure to exchange phone numbers with your partner, and also save the Head Delegate’s phone numbers that appear on the syllabus.

4. Binder and Stationary: Please remember to pack your binder along with a printed copy of your position paper. We suggest also printing out the arsenal that is on blackboard with addition quotes, facts and statistics. Bring pens, note pads and index cards to help you in committee since you will not be allowed to use your laptop in formal session.

5. Money: It is useful to have extra cash on hand for cabs or vending machines in the hotel as well as an ATM/Debit/Credit card.

For more information on surviving and thriving at conference, click here.

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