1.2 Role of the Professor, Head Delegates and MUNtors

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The Pace University Model UN Program is set up to help every student learn and has several levels of support to do so. It allows for students to receive answers to their questions from various sources, which is helpful if students do not feel comfortable talking to one person.

The Professor: The professor’s role is to facilitate the overall class, leading the Head Delegates, the class and the entire program. The professor encourages a safe learning space, provide information on the UN and other international bodies related to class subject. The professor also designs the syllabus, plans the conferences, coordinates with them and handles all logistics. The professor also determines the grades for the class. Finally, the professor’s role is to help students learn and grow as individuals; the professor is available to answer any and all questions as well as support students when they need help during the class. Make sure to make an appointment to see the professor in office hours. If you are having a conflict with your delegation partner, please make sure to contact the professor as soon as possible to see if this can be resolved.

The Head Delegates: The Head Delegates are students who have participated in the class for at least two semesters and have been selected as student leaders by their peers. They use their experience of Model UN help to lead and co-teach the class with the professor. Head Delegates support students with further questions, during class hours as well as outside of class, whether it be during their office hours or if a meeting has been set up outside of class. Head Delegates also help during conference to answer questions and assist in committee. Sometimes they participate and other times they are there simply in a role to encourage students and check up on them. For more specific details on the role of head delegates, see this policy on their position, selection and the grievance/removal process.

MUNtors: The Pace University New York City Model UN Program has a MUNtoring program. MUNtors are students who have taken Model UN before, who are assigned to student who are new to the program. The MUNtor is a first semester student’s first guide in the class. They assist students through the process of writing their position paper by helping to answer questions their MUNtee might have. MUNtors are encouraged to meet with students outside of class and assist them with the difficult process of writing a position paper. MUNtors are also often in the same committee as the MUNtee and assist MUNtees during conference.

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