8.4 Using Your Model United Nations Experience in the Global Policymaking Arena

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Once you have finished with Model UN, there are still plenty of opportunities to utilize the skills you have acquired in class and at conference. The ability to work on a team, research and present on a topic are just a handful of the skills one learns from Model UN. While it may seem difficult to use what you have learned in the global policymaking arena, there are numerous ways to get involved. Some of these experiences include internships, classes and attending conferences hosted by international organizations and the United Nations.


One of the best ways to use your experience from MUN in global policymaking is to apply for internships in international organizations and non-profits. Interning for global coalitions, non-governmental organizations or advocacy organizations can be a useful way to use your skills while earning college credits. Try contacting organizations via their website, viewing sites like Idealist.org, or getting on the Pace’s Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies listservs for updates on opportunities and positions. If you were particularly moved by the country or organization your represented during your time as a delegate, reach out to their mission at the United Nations and see if they are hiring interns.


Although you can only take Model UN up to three times, Pace still offers a variety of classes that has an influence on the global policymaking arena in the Political Science, Peace and Justice Studies, History, Global Asia Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies departments.

Classes are also a great way to practice researching and writing. Consider applying to become a research fellow or undergraduate research assistant with a professor to investigate and research topics that are interesting to you. A published piece can change the world!


If you enjoyed the experience of conference, be sure to look out for other opportunities and chances to attend other conferences going on at the United Nations. Look out for updates, either by visiting un.org, UNIS-UN or following the UN and other international organizations on Twitter. Often the UN Special Envoy on Youth hosts free conferences for students, which is a way to participate in the global policy world.

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