Model United Nations is a great class to take for many reasons. The class, and the intercollegiate conference we attend each semester, helps us develop skills that we can use in the real world, including our careers. This class has taught me much in the three semesters that I have taken it. Though it can be stressful at times, I can honestly say this is the best class that I have taken in the four years that I have been at Pace. I will definitely miss Model UN when I graduate in May. But I am excited to take the skills that I have developed and apply them to life after college.

I have attended three conferences during my time taking this class, in New York City, Washington, DC, and recently even one in Rome, Italy. I was always a shy person, but Model UN helped me become more comfortable with public speaking as well as collaborating on crucial topics in large groups. My research skills have also improved, as I have learned that writing a position paper is pivotal in making sure the conference runs smoothly. Model UN has been invaluable to me. This class can be difficult at times and there is a lot of work involved, but it is definitely worth it. ​

 – Carissa Veltri ’19