Attending the 2018 National Model United Nations conference in Washington DC (NMUN DC) this semester was my second time doing Model UN. But I learned as much, or even more, this time.

I knew what to expect at the conference and during the class, so I put together a new set of goals for myself. I allowed myself to focus on taking a leadership position at the conference and take charge during the working paper process. I was successful in this and was able to be a sponsor on two papers as a single delegation. On one of these working papers I ended up being the leader and took charge in writing and editing most of the paper. This was not something I was able to do my first time taking this class, even with a partner.

It was also a new experience to attend a conference where we stayed the night in a hotel and not my dorm. This helped me to learn to communicate with others in and out of the conference.

– Malissa Kelly ’19