This semester I had the opportunity to participate in the 2018 National Model United Nations conference in Washington DC (NMUN DC). Having attended NMUN conference in New York last semester, my experience this time around was completely different.

Researching a different country and topic meant that I was experiencing this class in a completely new way. This is one of the unique elements of Model UN at Pace University. No matter how many times you take the class, each will be different. I also had the opportunity to be a MUNtor this semester, which meant I was leading and guiding students who were taking the class for the first time. I enjoyed this immensely because I could relate to the situation faced by each one of my MUNtees. Not too long ago I was in their shoes; therefore I wanted to offer them all the help I could to eliminate the unnecessary stress.

The conference in DC was a pivotal point in my life, I am a triplet and never in my whole life have I been apart from my sisters. We went to the same school growing up. We have the same friends; we moved to New York together. Anywhere I was, they’d be right beside me. My trip to DC was the first time we were ever separated. It felt weird at first, like something was missing. I am glad I had the experience. As much as I’d love to be with my sisters all the time, that’s not very realistic as we grow up and want to do different things. Being away from them was a very eye-opening experience.

I hope to have a career in human rights one day. So I was excited to represent Togo in a simulation of the Human Rights Council. Being in a room surrounded by people who were just as passionate about human rights was inspiring. Listening to people’s speeches and their creative ideas motivated me tremendously.

Taking Model UN for the second time, I enhanced the skills I learned last semester. It also made me realize that my sisters and I may not always be together in the same place and that’s okay. Model UN has taught me to be more independent, expanded my knowledge of the workings of the UN and gave me the chance to meet and connect with new people.

– Aya Taqi ‘20