Aleena Raza ’20 (right) and Alexis Gonzalez ’21, representing the Republic of the Marshall Islands in a simulation of the International Organization for Migration at the 2018 National Model UN conference in New York City.

I will always remember my experience at the 2018 National Model UN (NMUN) conference in New York City. At the Opening Ceremony, I was inspired by the speeches that recalled all the past events and historical resolutions that were passed in the same seats as I was sitting in at UN Headquarters on the East River. It reminded me that, although Model UN is a simulation, it is exactly what countries do in order to pass resolutions for the safeguard and protection of real people around the world.

Model UN provided me an inside look on the negotiation process and how each country works in big organizations. Representing the Republic of the Marshall Islands, I saw that not many delegates were concerned with the needs of a small island nation. The larger countries often tend to steal the show. Even in a simulation, I saw that many countries are left unheard and their needs are unmet.

Model UN it was certainly a learning experience that has me further gravitating toward a career at the UN.

— Aleena Raza ’20