Dorin Khoiee-Abbasi ’18, Pace University NYC Model UN Head Delegate, representing Afghanistan at the 2018 Geneva International Model UN conference in Switzerland.

The opportunity to participate in the 2018 Geneva International Model UN (GIMUN) conference was an unforgettable experience. The ability to engage in diplomatic negotiations, perform speeches and collaborate on a single proposal at the UN’s Palais des Nations was remarkable.

The guest speakers organized by both the conference coordinators and Dr. Bolton really showed me real world applications for the various Model UN simulations I’ve attended. Besides the knowledge I’ve researched and gained about my committee, the guest speakers educated me on other current issues such as the implementation of the Sustainable Developmental Goals.

This experience showed me the importance of language when writing proposed solutions to a problem. Specificity of language is crucial when formally and informally communicating in diplomatic negotiations.

Overall, participating in an international conference was a great, because it put theory into practice on an international level.

— Dorin Khoiee-Abbasi ’18