David Sharif ’19 at the 2018 National Model UN conference in New York City.

Taking Model UN for the second time this semester has been an opportunity for me to improve my leadership skills. Prior to the conference, I was able to guide junior delegates in the right direction when writing position papers, practicing  during class, and giving important information on how to have a wonderful experience at the 2018 National Model UN (NMUN) conference in New York City.

During Spring Break, I applied for the Rapporteur position for the committee I was assigned to, the International Organization for Migration. On the first day of the conference, I had my interview with the Directors and Assistant Directors and they selected me to work with them.

Before making a final decision of being a delegate or rapporteur, I asked my delegation partner, Natalia Villarreal if she needed my assistance or if she could manage the conference herself. She told me that she was willing to challenge herself as being a delegate without me, but still in the same committee. Watching my partner perform really well during the conference, I was amazed with how she did with public speaking when being up on the speakers list, and collaborating in large groups when doing working papers. You can read her reflections on the conference here.

Working as the Rapporteur has helped me enhance my leadership skills through administration and facilitation. Within this role, I did roll call at the beginning of every session, passed notes around for the Speaker’s List, provided guidance for delegates with their working papers during meeting suspensions, and read working papers with the directors.

I look forward to applying the skills I have developed in the many leadership roles I hope to have in the future.

— David Sharif ‘19