Pace University students Malissa Kelly ’19, Emili Kalashnikova ’20, Curtis Robinson ’19, Edward Thiede ’20 and Maria Parubi ’19 (left to right) at United Nations Headquarters for the 2017 National Model UN conference in New York City.

Model United Nations class was a blast! I am that student who wants to understand the fathoms of Political Science as deep as possible,. This class not only taught me what it is like to think like a diplomat who wants to express voices of those who do not have the voice, but also how to choose the right information and be able to negotiate ideas if others in the group do not think that it is relevant or will help the cause.

Pace University student Emili Kalashnikova ’20 shows of the Outstanding Position Paper award she and her delegation partner Dorin Khoiee-Abbasi ’19 received for representing Iraq at the 2017 National Model UN conference in New York City.

I have advice for prospective future members of the class:

    • When you will join the class, you will realize what kind of skills are applicable for this specific class, because of the writing paper and the conference that you will soon be a part of.
    • At first you might be intimidated, but it should not influence your decisions of staying or dropping the class! The best is yet to come, you will see how quickly you will become engaged in the class, and the process of researching and preparing for the conference will be enjoyable.

Pace University student Emili Kalashnikova ’20 in the United Nations General Assembly Hall at the 2017 National Model UN conference in New York City.

  • The conference will go by quickly and you will be thinking…I want to do it again! There is always a great support when you are in doubt, there will be no way you will not be able to handle the workload; the team spirit is present and that will be the motivational push to take the class and the work seriously.
  • There is an opportunity to gain friends and gain solid knowledge that is global.

— Emily Kalashnikova’ 20