Pace University New York City students Ly Nguyen ’17 and Megan Zubar ’20 (right to left), representing Senegal in a simulation of the UN Security Council at the 2016 National Model UN conference in Washington DC.

The 2016 conference was my second time attending the National Model United Nations in Washington DC and yet the feeling has not changed. I still love it and wish I would have joined Pace University New York City’s Model UN program earlier during my college years. I went into this conference with more confidence that the last one because I had done it before. However, being in a simulation of the UN Security Council was a new experience that made me feel a little intimidated and anxious at first.

I am glad that everything turned out well and I learned so much from other delegates. I have learned about the pressure Security Council members face  in finding solutions for global catastrophes and maintaining international peace and security. I have learned the art of diplomacy and negotiation and how to make the more powerful nations to listen to the ideas of a less powerful state.

I was honored to represent the Republic of Senegal and I am glad that I was able to maintain its reputation throughout the simulation. I am also proud to say, without hesitation, that Model UN is the most rewarding experience I have had in my entire college journey. I feel so well-prepared to continue on to the next steps of my career having learned how to conduct myself in a professional and diplomatic manner. Many years from now, I will look back and will still be proud that I was a member of Model UN at Pace.

Model UN is a great experience regardless of your majors. There is always something for everyone to learn, whether public speaking, international relations, politics, or improving one’s English language skills. As an international student, I find Model UN to be a perfect way to understand my American friends and to learn from them. To my fellow international friends at Pace: Don’t waste time wondering if you are good enough to join Model UN, just do it!

— Ly Nguyen ’17