Pace University student Channell Williams ’16 in the United Nations General Assembly Room, awaiting the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 National Model UN conference in New York.

Many people think that Model United Nations is only for Political Science students. But as a Finance major with a minor in Economics, I was intrigued by what I had heard was an intense experience. I decided to challenge and improve myself by taking this course before I graduated.

Attending the 2016 National Model United Nations conference in New York was the greatest decision I have ever made. I overcame many fears, but I also unlocked different skills I never knew I had. While preparing for this conference, I improved my research and public speaking skills, learning how to create speeches on the spot without becoming overwhelmed by stress.

I also gained a new view on how diplomacy works. I realized that diplomacy is not just what I would read in the books or see in the news. During the conference, I enhanced my networking skills, made new friends from many different schools all over the world, and created new memories. Diplomacy is a way to manage international relations to work together to create solutions that make the world a better place. I believe this is an art of how to deal with people in the most effective and creative way.

One does not have to be a certain major to participate in something great. Model UN not only prepares you for the conference, it prepares you for life. Now I feel more prepared to apply what I learned to the world of business.

– Channell Williams ‘16