capitol hillAt the National Model United Nations conference in Washington DC this semester, I was fortunately allowed the exciting opportunity to practice diplomacy alongside fellow students from all over the world, while taking in the breathtaking historic atmosphere of the nation’s capital.

The collaborative spirit that is emphasized in the Model UN class really allowed me to cope with the situation when I got to my committee, where there were many factors within our committee that were working against the delegates. The diplomatic manner of approaching others that is emphasized in class allowed me to make great advances within the committee, but also allowed me to feel more pride in what I had accomplished, knowing that I had done it the proper way.

This simulation, though challenging, provided me with relevant insight and collaboration tactics that I will utilize for a long time to come. To see my peers so impassioned by relevant topics affecting the global community is truly inspiring. Much like the trek we all took to the top of Capitol Hill, the resolutions to these issues will require a long journey… But the view from the peak is ultimately worth it.

This conference has entirely changed the manner in which I go about disagreements. I am no longer trying to express to the other person why they are wrong. Instead, my objective is to explain to them as logically as possible why I think and feel in the manner that I do.

To read more about Pace University’s participation in the 2013 Model UN conference in Washington DC, click here.

– Caitlin Boley ’16, who, along with her delegation partner Anna Paternostro ’14, represented Denmark in a simulation of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The Pace students representing Denmark received an “Honorable Mention” award from conference for their excellent work.