Registration for spring 2013 is right around corner. In the next few weeks, faculty, including the Model UN adviser, will be available to discuss your choices of Spring 2013 courses and answer your questions about registration. Please stop by if you need advisement, or feel free to make an appointment to see faculty so we can make sure you’re on the right track with your courses. Registration begins Monday November 26. You should check your Pace Portal to see when you can begin registering.

Model UN is listed in the Spring 2013 schedule as POL303C Politics Workshop: United Nations, CRN 20239. It will meet from 2.30-5.15 on Mondays. There are only 40 spots in the class, so make sure to register as soon as possible. If you are unable to get a spot in the class, you can still participate in Model UN as a club.

There are a variety of other classes offered in the Political Science department (including the Peace and Justice Studies program) next semester that may be of interest to Model UNers. Here is a partial list:

POL101 Politics: Comparative Introduction
PJS101 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
POL114 Introduction to International Relations
POL202F Topic: Introduction to International Organization (This is a new course that will be taught by an adjunct who works for the UN Development Programme)
PJS203 Nonviolence Theory and Practice
POL213 21st Century Politics
POL247 International Law and Human Rights
PJS301 Humanitarianism and International Aid Work
POL330 Politics of the Global City
POL393 Internship in Government (if you have an internship with an international organization or NGO, you can get credit for it)

There are lots of other interesting courses in other departments that could work well in conjunction with Model UN. In thinking about what classes you want to take, read this article on vocation and global careers.