Pace University undergraduates will be able to register for Spring 2012 classes on November 14, 2011. We have compiled a partial list of Spring class offerings on the New York City Campus that might be of interest to Model UN students. Note that Model UN is not responsible for any errors or changes in the following information. The official information for classes is available from Pace Schedule Explorer.

Political Science

  • POL101 Politics: Comparative Introduction
  • POL114 Introduction to International Relations (this is the prerequisite to the Model UN classes)
  • POL210 Comparative Political Systems
  • POL214 Revolution or Reform
  • POL233 Advanced International Relations
  • POL243 Modern Political Theory
  • POL250 Gender and Politics
  • POL303C Politics Workshop: United Nations (this is Model UN)
  • POL325 Conflict Analysis (this is taught by the Model UN faculty advisor Dr. Matthew Bolton)

Peace and Justice Studies

  • PJS101 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
  • PJS203 Nonviolence: Theory and Practice
  • PJS301 Humanitarianism and International Aid Work

Sociology and Anthropology

  • ANT101 Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANT108 Global Culture and Local Identities
  • ANT214 Latino Families in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • ANT296J Black Women in Cross Cultural Perspectives
  • SOC102 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC114 Criminology
  • SOC209 Ethnic & Racial Minorities
  • SOC227 Border Crossing: Immigration and American Society
  • SOC323 Social Theories

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • WS215 Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WS266 Gender, Race and Class
  • WS268 Men and Masculinities
  • WS271 Women in Jeopardy
  • WS296V International Activist Politics:Global Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives
  • WS296W The Gay Male Experience

History and New York City Studies

  • HIS103 History of Western Civilization 1300-1815
  • HIS104 History of Western Civilization 1815 to Present
  • HIS108 World History After 1650
  • HIS113U The American Experience: The United States and the World
  • HIS114M The European Experience: Ideas and the Modern State
  • HIS114R The European Experience: Russia and Eastern Europe: Continuity and Change
  • HIS119 The Middle East: An Historical Survey
  • HIS132 Africa: An Historical Survey
  • HIS133 Latin America: The Colonial Era
  • HIS134 Modern Latin America
  • HIS201 The Building of England
  • HIS207 Europe Since World War I
  • HIS223 Global Jewish Experience
  • HIS231 Latin America: Century of Social Change and Revolution
  • HIS239 Wars in the Asia-Pacific
  • HIS241 Modern China
  • HIS243 Service and Study in Latin America
  • HIS275 Modern History of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran
  • HIS296G History of Modern Mexico
  • HIS297K Europe in the Enlightenment and Revolutionary Era
  • NYC115 New York City: From Great Metropolis to World Capital 1898-Present

Environmental Studies

  • ENV105 Social Responsibility and the World of Nature
  • ENV110 Nature and Culture: A Study in Connections
  • ENV112 Environmental Studies – Basic Issues
  • ENV205 Globalization, Trade and the Environment
  • ENV226 Environmental Anthropology
  • ENV296D Environmental Policy and Advocacy
  • ENV296Y Food Revolution: The Politics and Ecology of What We Eat

Philosophy and Religion

  • PHI115 Normative Ethics: Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PHI218 Legal and Political Philosophy
  • PHI296U Feminism Film and Philosophy
  • RES106 Religions of the Globe
  • RES201 Western Religious Thought
  • RES202 Eastern Religious Thought
  • RES240 The World Religions and the Natural Environment

Latin American Studies

  • LAS210 Luz, Camara, Accion! : Film as Mirror of Social Change in Latin American History and Culture
  • LAS220 Caribbean Transnational Cultures: The History, Literature and Film of the Spanish Caribbean


  • ECO105 Principles of Economics: Macro
  • ECO106 Principles of Economics: Micro
  • ECO238 Money and Banking
  • ECO271 Economics Geography
  • ECO296R Economics of Crime, War and Terrorism
  • ECO305 Global Finance, Investments and Economic Activity
  • ECO321 Rise and Fall of World Empires
  • ECO327 Economics of Financial Institutions

Finance, Marketing and Management

  • FIN350 Global Money and Capital Markets
  • FIN358 International Finance
  • FIN360 International Finance Field Study
  • MAR351 International Marketing
  • MAR352 International Advertising and Promotion
  • MAR452 Export and Import Policies
  • MAN340 International Management
  • MAN343 International Management Environments: Asia
  • MAN344 International Management Environments: Latin America
  • MAN345 International Management Environments: Europe
  • MAN347 International Management Field Study
  • MAN347B International Management Field Study: China


  • INT197G Rome: The Eternal City – Travel Course
  • INT198H Computers and the Surveillance Society
  • INT296F Third World? Two-Thirds World!
  • INT297A Globalization of Asian Cinemas
  • INT297H A United States of Europe?
  • INT298F The Holocaust and Modern Genocides: Representations in History, Literature and Film


  • BIO123 Biology and Contemporary Society
  • SCI130 Elements of Environmental Science
  • SCI145 Environmental Geology
  • SCI170 Oceanography
  • SCI171 Coastal Oceanography

Criminal Justice

  • CRJ243 Alcohol, Drugs and Crime
  • CRJ346 Terrorism and Society


  • PSY304 Social Psychology

Art, Literature and Theatre

  • ART216 Latin American Art
  • ART220 Art History: Aspects of Asian Art
  • LIT212P Literature of African Peoples
  • LIT304 Postcolonial Literature
  • THR136 World Theater

Computer Science and Technology Systems

  • CIS102W Web Design for Non-Profit Organizations
  • CIT221 Global Networking Technology
  • TS105 Computers for Human Empowerment


  • COM200 Public Speaking
  • COM213 Intercultural Communication

Modern Languages

  • ARA102 Elementary Arabic II
  • ARA283 Arabic: Intermediate Conversation
  • CHI101 Elementary Chinese I Mandarin
  • CHI102 Elementary Chinese II Mandarin
  • CHI154C Chinese Culture through the Arts
  • CHI283 Chinese: Intermediate Conversation
  • FRE101 Elementary College French I
  • FRE102 Elementary College French II
  • FRE155C Paris: A Tale of Two Cities
  • FRE280 Intensive Review of French
  • FRE284 Intermediate French Composition
  • FRE303 French: Advanced Oral and Written Expression
  • FRE317 Masterpieces of French Literature II
  • ITA101 Elementary College Italian I
  • ITA102 Elementary College Italian II
  • ITA280 Intensive Review of Italian
  • ITA301 Advanced Italian Conversation
  • JPN101 Elementary Japanese I
  • JPN102 Elementary Japanese II
  • JPN283 Intermediate Japanese Conversation
  • RUS102 Elementary Russian II
  • RUS196C St. Petersburg: Treasures of Imperial Russia
  • RUS282 Intermediate Russian II
  • RUS304 Russian Translation and Interpretation
  • SPA101 Elementary College Spanish I
  • SPA102 Elementary College Spanish II
  • SPA155D Culture and Travel Course to Argentina
  • SPA280 Intensive Review of Spanish
  • SPA283 Intermediate Spanish Conversation
  • SPA284 Intermediate Spanish Composition
  • SPA301 Spanish Conversation, Diction, and Phonetics
  • SPA306 Spanish for Professional Communication II
  • SPA344 The Short Story and Essay in Spanish America
  • SPA380E Spanish Seminar: Nobel Prize Winners of Spain and Latin America